Thursday, October 27, 2016

Common Beauty Mistakes & How to Fix Them


Hey, no one likes being told that they’re doing something wrong — we get it! But, when it comes to your beauty routine, it’s better to just see the error of your ways and right your makeup wrongs (ASAP!). Which is why we’re bringing these common mistakes to your attention now.  A little birdy told us that some of you are STILL guilty of these beauty blunders, and the madness needs to stop! Here’s what you need to do (and not do!).  

1. Not washing your makeup brushes. Seriously? Are you still guilty of this? You’ve read all of the warnings and heard the bacteria-filled horror stories, and yet, you still wash your brushes once in a blue moon. If the idea of bacteria buildup doesn’t scare your straight, then maybe an infection will — or at least a surprise pimple that could have been avoided. To prevent the collection of dirt, oil and plenty of other gunk that lurks on your brushes, wash them once a week with a gentle cleansing soap or even your basic dishwashing soap. Let’s be honest, it only takes a few minutes and this simple task can prevent a world of beauty trouble.

From sponges to hairbrushes, here’s how to clean all of your beauty tools.
Do you know the right way to dry your makeup brushes? 
And here’s how to cleanse and keep your gel eyeliner brush from hardening!
2. Using a concealer that’s too light. You want to “brighten” up your under eye area — we get it. But, doing so doesn’t mean you need to emulate the “reverse raccoon” look. That’s because concealer should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible in order to blend properly. Using one that’s too light will actually draw more attention to any issues you’re trying to cover up! Looking to conceal, brighten and highlight in one? Try the YSL Touche Èclat — a beauty essential every gal should have in her makeup bag! 


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