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How Yoga Can Help with Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety? Whether it’s your everyday stress, an anxiety disorder, or comes in the form of panic attacks, there’s a lot that can be done to help holistically. Yoga is definitely at the top of that list. Start practicing and see how yoga can help with anxiety disorders, stress, depression, and much more.

Welcome. You’re most likely reading this because you deal with stress and anxiety in your life. Honestly, who doesn’t, right? Stress, anxiety disorders, and depression are at an all-time high, and the way we live and our society today has plenty to do with it. I’m not an expert, psychiatrist, or yoga teacher. But I consider myself very well-versed on the issue of anxiety. I’ve had an anxiety disorder for the past decade and a half. I was first diagnosed with anxiety disorder at the age of 15 and prescribed medication. Over the past 15 years, I’ve had several ups-and-downs to my disorder, changed medications many times, developed agoraphobia, and had a whole host of health problems related to my anxiety and the side effects of medication.

However, I’ve also learned ways to deal with my disorder that are not just medication. This includes many things: therapy, research, diet, meditation, and yoga. Today I am focusing on how yoga can help with anxiety and stress. This is something that has been very beneficial to me. Even if you’ve never done yoga a single day in your life, this article is still for you. There is a place for yoga in everyone’s life.

Below, I outline exactly how yoga can help with anxiety, whether it’s related to a disorder, everyday stress, or a particularly hard period of time in your life. At the bottom of the page, I will give further resources, including how to start a yoga practice, free yoga videos, and additional books and literature on anxiety and how yoga can help with anxiety and stress. Remember, the more you understand anxiety, the less control it has over you and the more control you have over it.

18 Effective Home Remedies For Toothache

A toothache is one of the most common dental complaints and can be quite painful and debilitating. Toothaches can occur anytime, and usually, without any warning. If there is an infection in the tooth or gum, you may also experience swelling and redness around the affected area. The sharp, throbbing pain can drive you crazy, and if you do not treat it right away, you may end up losing the tooth. The severity of the pain can range from mild to excruciating. Some people also suffer from chronic toothache. Irrespective of your gender or age, a toothache sends you scurrying to the dentist.

It is quite strange that toothaches tend to manifest usually at nights, during weekends or holidays when most dental clinics are closed. When you have this pain, the last thing you want is to be told is that you will have to wait a day or two before you can see a dentist. You know the wait will be excruciating, and during that time, you will not want to eat or talk to anyone. All you will want is for the pain to disappear. The best way to tackle a toothache is by using effective home remedies. But remember, these home remedies for toothache do not cure the underlying problem. They will only provide relief from the pain.

Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

There are many toothache home remedies that make use of common ingredients found in most homes. You can use these ingredients to get relief from the debilitating tooth pain you are experiencing. However, be sure to visit a dentist to find out the cause of the pain and get treated for it as soon as possible.

Natural Honey Citrus Syrups for Coughs & Sore Throats

Here are 5 easy-to-make, no cook, naturally flavored honey syrups that can be a home remedy to soothe a sore throat or cough. They're also a tasty way to add natural, nutrient-rich flavors to hot tea or water.

A home remedy that works! Combinations of honey, lemon, and tea are age old remedies for soothing a cough or sore throat. Turns out there's actually some science behind them; these old remedies can really work! What luck that they taste good, too--way better than those drug store cough syrups. 

Studies have shown that honey can calm a cough as well as, or even better than, over-the-counter cough medicines. Honey has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and can fight bacteria. Combine it with the nutrients in lemons & other citrus, herbs, and spices, and you've got a natural, delicious way to treat cold and flu symptoms. Blends of honey and citrus can be swallowed straight from a spoon or stirred into hot water or tea. The steam and warmth of hot tea and water are also soothing to sore throats and can relieve stuffiness.

Honey Flavored Homemade Cough Lollipops

One of the worst moments of parenthood is seeing your child sick (coughing, sneezing, aching) and not being able to do anything about it. Sure, you can take your little one to the doctor for a healthy dose of antibiotics or make them chicken noodle soup but you can’t make the uncomfortableness (if not outright pain) of that [INSERT ILLNESS HERE] go away.

How To Reduce Cortisol – 15 Proven Ways To Lower It Immediately!

Just this past week I got my AM cortisol tested and found out that I have very high cortisol. The symptoms I’m experiencing, like fast heart rate and inability to do any work, are horrible…….so, I have been desperately researching what I can do to decrease the high cortisol. I thought for this post I would share what I found, what I am trying, and the things that are helping me right now, hoping that I can help someone or we could share ideas and find out what works best.

Having high cortisol is a common problem that many people have and some don’t even know that cortisol is the reason for their health problems. Fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and unintentional weight gain or loss are just a few of the symptoms. But, having problems with cortisol can also be much more severe. It can stop you in your tracks, affecting your everyday life!

If you have high cortisol, then you have adrenal fatigue. There are 4 stages of adrenal fatigue, ranging from mild to full on adrenal exhaustion and adrenal crisis. This article has an excellent description of each stage and the symptoms.

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11 Simple Ways to Get a Flat Tummy in Just One Week

Is your fat tummy bothering you? Have you ever wondered if you could achieve an unbelievably flat tummy faster than any of your peers? Owing to today’s sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, there is no wonder a fat tummy is something that has been bothering most of us.

What if you come across a way of getting rid of your belly in more than a week? Amazing, isn’t it? That is what this post is all about! Go ahead and give a read!

6 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

There’s no getting around the fact that in order to lose weight safely and permanently, you need to eat healthy food and get plenty of exercise. Exercising burns calories and builds muscle, which is essential for increasing your metabolism so that you can burn even more calories and lose more weight.

So dust off those workout clothes and pick one of these nine best exercises for weight loss to get started today on your path to a slimmer, healthier you.

Read Full Article:  6 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

19 Home Remedies to Melt Your Muffin Top

Love handles are the extra flab around your waistline and may not only make you reach out to the next size of clothing, but also take a serious toll on your health. Some of the key causes for love handles include improper diet, lack of sleep, stress, and too much intake of sugar. Getting rid of love handles may not be a simple task, but it’s no Herculean task either. With regular exercise and healthy diet, you can easily chuck out those unsightly and stubborn bulges. Read on to know how to get rid of love handles at home, without hitting the gym.

Weight Loss Through Simple Home Remedies

Being overweight is quite certainly one of the greatest health risk people over the world are facing today. Medically, this condition is known as obesity. Obese people are very vulnerable to a large number of lethal diseases, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems, diabetes, paralysis and gangrene. Hence, doctors and medical experts all over the world stress on maintaining a healthy weight to keep most diseases at bay.

In Ayurveda, there are several dietary and herbal techniques by which people can reduce weight. Just like it does in other treatments, Ayurveda does not believe in any kind of debilitating treatment methods; instead its treatments are centered on making the person lead a healthier lifestyle. The following article is about some of the best remedies and methods that people can do within their homes to achieve a healthier profile.

8 Moves to Get Rid of your Thunder Thighs

Thighs can be such a problem area to some women. Sometimes, it seems that no matter what you do, this typical area cannot be toned or tightened. However, that is not the case. As women, our hormones allow us to become more predisposed to storing fat around our midsection, hips, buttocks, and THIGHS! With a clean diet low in processed foods and the right exercises, you can help overcome the appearance of “thunder thighs.”

Fitness Motivation Video that all Women should Watch

It's the name of a book and a weight-loss strategy promoted by hypnotherapist John Richardson, who believes that what you say to yourself subconsciously and aloud can help you prevent weight loss-sabotaging behaviors. For example, on a midnight fridge raid you might say to yourself, "What am I doing here? Is this really what I want?" It's a technique that Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab in Ithaca, New York, and author of Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions to Everyday Life, has found to be strongly associated with losing weight.

The problem is, many of us aren't willing to do it because it's, well, strange. But it's very much worth a try. "If you're faced with a snack and you're not hungry, say to yourself out loud: 'I'm really full, but I'm going to eat this anyway,' " he advises. "We've found that when people make that statement aloud, two-thirds of the time they don't eat the food. That's all you have to do, but you do have to say it aloud."

Twist it Out! 45 min Yoga Flow

Hi yogis,

I just uploaded a new 45 minute yoga class to my youtube channel! This is an intermediate Vinyasa Flow class that focuses a lot on twists which are a great way to boost your energy levels and improve digestion.

We will explore poses such as seated twist, revolved half moon, revolved triangle and laying spinal twist. I'm not using any props but it's always a good idea to have a block close by just in case :)

Always be mindful to respect your body's limits when moving in and out of twists. Although they are a fantastic way to alleviate low back pain it's important not to twist too far and to pay attention to the breath as you move.

Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoy!

Danger of Teeth Whitening Using Non-Natural Techniques: Chemical Burns

Whether you use a DIY kit or have teeth whitening done at the dentist if you use a product or have a treatment done that doesn't use natural elements to whiten teeth you could get hurt. Many products that aren't naturally based use harsh chemicals that can destroy the surface of your teeth, ruin the enamel of the tooth, or even cause nasty chemical burns on the gums. Chemical burns on the gums can take weeks to heal and they are very painful. 

DIY Kits
The teeth whitening kits that you can buy in stores are notorious for causing chemical burns and the loss of tooth enamel. Because these kits are made to be one size fits all they often don't fit right. When the tray or the strip doesn't fit your teeth exactly right there is a bigger risk that you will get some of the toxic tooth whitening solution on your gums which will cause burns. And the more you use these DIY kits the more damage will be done. Over time these kits strip the enamel from the teeth which can weaken the tooth and cause discoloration or even tooth loss. 

20 Toughest Butt Exercises Of All The Time

8 AB Moves That Are More Effective Than Boring Neck Hurting Sit-Ups

7 Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness

As runners, endurance athletes, cross-fitters or whatever your sport, many times we push the limits, and find ourselves doing the penguin walk the day after a tough workout. If you’re training for a race or competition, you don’t always have the luxury of giving your body lengthy recovery time between workouts.

In order to stick to your training plan, you have to be back at it with perhaps only one recovery day under your belt. Muscle soreness is part of training. Many times, I’ve inched my way out of bed, wondering how I will ever get through the next workout. If I can barely lift my legs before I even start, how will I manage to get through a challenging tempo or long run?

Have you ever wondered, “how can I speed up muscle recovery?” Or at least ease muscle pain between workouts? Here are a few tips to aid with muscle soreness:


1. Stagger your key workouts out – In running, we generally do three key workouts: speed, tempo, and long run. If you stagger your difficult workouts throughout the week, this gives your body a day or two to recover in between.

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The Perfect Diet to Eat While On Your Period!

While on your period, your body goes through tons of hormonal changes. Some of these changes can leave you feeling starved, fatigued, and depleted of all of your energy.

Believe it or not, what you eat during your monthly flow can actually either help-or hurt-you!

Here is a perfect day's diet to eat while on your period to help relieve some of those annoying PMS symptoms.

Got Knee Pain? Here are 10 Natural Remedies!

Knee pain is an incredibly common problem that can be caused by any number of reasons. In this post, we will take a look at common causes for knee pain and what you can do to prevent it. We will also provide 10 natural remedies for knee pain, so you can naturally relieve your pains from the comfort of your own home.

Weight Loss Motivation

Original Source:  Weight Loss Motivation 

Weight Loss Motivation

Original Source:  Weight Loss Motivation 

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6 Surprising Foods That Keep You Slim

Common Beauty Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Hey, no one likes being told that they’re doing something wrong — we get it! But, when it comes to your beauty routine, it’s better to just see the error of your ways and right your makeup wrongs (ASAP!). Which is why we’re bringing these common mistakes to your attention now.  A little birdy told us that some of you are STILL guilty of these beauty blunders, and the madness needs to stop! Here’s what you need to do (and not do!).  

1. Not washing your makeup brushes. Seriously? Are you still guilty of this? You’ve read all of the warnings and heard the bacteria-filled horror stories, and yet, you still wash your brushes once in a blue moon. If the idea of bacteria buildup doesn’t scare your straight, then maybe an infection will — or at least a surprise pimple that could have been avoided. To prevent the collection of dirt, oil and plenty of other gunk that lurks on your brushes, wash them once a week with a gentle cleansing soap or even your basic dishwashing soap. Let’s be honest, it only takes a few minutes and this simple task can prevent a world of beauty trouble.

From sponges to hairbrushes, here’s how to clean all of your beauty tools.
Do you know the right way to dry your makeup brushes? 
And here’s how to cleanse and keep your gel eyeliner brush from hardening!
2. Using a concealer that’s too light. You want to “brighten” up your under eye area — we get it. But, doing so doesn’t mean you need to emulate the “reverse raccoon” look. That’s because concealer should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible in order to blend properly. Using one that’s too light will actually draw more attention to any issues you’re trying to cover up! Looking to conceal, brighten and highlight in one? Try the YSL Touche √ąclat — a beauty essential every gal should have in her makeup bag! 

20 Of The Best Hair Tips You’ll Ever Read

Twist and dry your  hair from root to tips for pretty beach waves. When you place a heating tool on wet or damp hair, it creates very hot steam, and causes slow but inevitable damage. Before you break out your curling iron or flat iron, play it safe and make sure your hair is completely dry.

Awesome Ab Sculpting Move

You’ve seen it in our fitness index, but now you can do the seated tuck alongside our CEO and founder Brooke Griffin! We know that finding time in the day to work out can get tough, so for those days when you’ve only got a minute to spare, check out our Skinny Minute videos. For this one, we’ll be doing seated tucks for 60 seconds straight. Let’s get started! Want to test your balance even more? 

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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a consequence of excessively died skin on the bottom of the feet. Usually, we avoid this skin condition, until it becomes sore and painful. As well, this may cause serious infection in heels. Cracked heels can be also accompanied by redness, itching, inflammation, peeling skin due to its thickening. To prevent the appearance of cracked heels take care properly of them in the early stage, not to get to bleeding and pain.

There are many reasons that cause this health problem: the way you walk, poor circulation of blood in heels, fungal infection, nutritional deficiencies. As well, it can be a consequence of a skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis. To help you find the root of the issue and eradicate the nasty results, we present to you some natural remedies that have demonstrated their efficiency in cracked heels curing. We ensure you that you will have beautiful legs after this again!

1. Honey and Milk

As one of the reasons of cracked heels is excessive dryness, we have to pay much attention to this. To exfoliate the heel skin, we need to properly clean it and then moisturize. This will help us achieve soft and smooth heels. Do the following procedure every day until you get a visible result:

•    Combine 1 cup of honey with 2 cups of milk and then pour the mixture into a foot soaking basin or tub. If you feel that you need more milk or honey in your recipe, feel free to add, but still maintain the ratio 2:1.

•    Dip your feet into the mixture for 10-15 minutes and after this massage the affected areas for 10 minutes more. Try to massage them in the mixture, I mean that the heels remain in the liquid, thus it will penetrate the skin more efficiently.

•    Rinse your feet with some warm water and apply a moisturizer or foot cream.

2. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is something that you can find in every house, that is why it can be easily considered the simplest natural remedy. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, or any type of vegetable oil. First of all, wash your feet. You can opt for a foot bath as well: soak them for some time in warm water and you could even use a pumice stone to get rid of the dry skin layer from the surface. Then, massage one tablespoon of any of the vegetable oil you have in your heels and soles. After its application, for a better result, put on a pair of short cotton socks. Perform the procedure before going to sleep, the heels to have enough time absorb the oil. This remedy is an amazing moisturizer and creates relief in just a few days. So, you have to repeat this treatment until your heels totally cure. The oil will heal the inflammation and it is also a sanitizer that kills germs that could cause infection. Some people who had to deal with cracked heels tell that coconut oil is a better solution than the rest of the oils, because it is solid and creates less mess and is easier to apply. Source 

Exercises For Burn Back Fat Faster

Back fat is not a pretty sight. While it can feel soft to the touch - like when you are hugging a big, cuddly person - on the sexy scale back fat is pretty close to the bottom. This type of fat can be most obvious when a person is fully-clothed. For women, it shows up as a bulge around bra straps or tights shirts, and a too-tight-fitting t-shirt on a man can really accentuate this type of body fat.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to burn away back fat. Of course, having the proper diet can help. But, there is nothing like good-old-fashioned exercise that focuses on those trouble areas and puts the smack-down on that stubborn fat deposit.

If you are interested in burning back fat, here are 5 exercises that burn back fat faster:

1. Lat pull-downs:

If you are not already doing lat pull-downs, you should be. This is a great exercise for melting away the fat on your back. It really works the shoulder and back muscles, as well as your biceps (the front of your arms). Here is how to do lat pull-downs:
Stand in front of a lat pull-down machine that is equipped with a wide grip bar. Start with a light weight (maybe 40 pounds - you can always add more later).
Grasp the bar with an overhand (palms away from you) grip that is wider than your shoulders. Sit down at the machine.
Keep your back straight and eyes facing in front of you. Slowly pull the bar down to your chest without touching the bar to your chest.
Pause, then slowly bring the weight back up (but not letting the weight touch the stack).
Do 8-12 reps, 2-3 sets.

2. Pull-ups:

Pull-ups work many of the same muscles that lat pull-downs do. They may actually be a bit harder to do, since they require that you be able to lift your entire body weight. Here is what to do:
Grip the pull-up bar at a grip that is wider than shoulder-width.
Start in a hanging position, with straight elbows.
Pull yourself up, clearing the bar with your chin on each rep.
Breathe when you are at the bottom, rather than at the top.
Be sure to keep your chest up and your shoulders back, and concentrate on looking up the entire time. Cross your feet so that it is harder to "cheat" by swinging your legs.

Press Your Fingertips and Get Rid Of Headaches, Stomachaches and Insomnia

According to Japanese doctor Yin Shun Jyutsu, dragging a finger can get rid of pain and anxiety issues and fear.

Thumb – by pushing it you’ll get rid of stomach pain and abdominal area problems. In addition, you can reduce anxiety, depression and sadness.

Index finger – If you have a problem with the bladder or kidneys, press it. In this way you’ll get rid of tiredness, cramps, backache and digestive problems.

Middle finger – If you have problems with the nerves or with the liver, push this finger. It will relieve stress and will improve your heart health. It also relieves menstrual pain, eyesight problems and headaches.

Ring finger – If you press this finger you’ll help your lungs and the digestive tract. In addition, you’ll breathe easier and you’ll be less stressed.

Little finger – by pressing it you’ll help your heart, you’ll get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, sore throat, flatulence and bones problems.

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The 5-Minute Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep

It's not exactly easy to shut your brain after a hectic day. Between meetings across town, running to fit in a sweat, and figuring out logistics for that annual summer girl's weekend -- your stress levels are sky-high. Not so surprisingly, the grind of a busy day can make shutting down and falling asleep a little on the tough side. 

The solution? Yoga. Creating a ritual to relax the body and calm the mind can help you fall asleep sooner, sleep deeper, and for longer time. According to one Duke University Medical Center study, yoga can actually improve your overall sleep quality and reduced the need for sleep aids.

Best Beginner Yoga Workouts for Weight Loss

Hey ladies!

Looking for the best beginner yoga workouts can be VERY confusing…

Additionally, there are lots of questions you will have:

   – What kind of yoga is best for losing weight?
   – How quickly can I lose weight and get healthy?
   – Is this instructor even any good?

You probably know that you want to get started with yoga, but are simply OVERWHELMED by the endless options and choices.

Well, this is exactly why I have looked around for you.

I looked at programs based on price, instructors, organization of content.

Spice Up Your Squats: 12 Variations, No Equipment Needed

Welcome to our squat challenge! As you may know, squats are an essential exercise to sculpt a tight, lean lower body, but they can get a little boring. If you’re up for an added challenge, need new bodyweight options or just want to jazz up your current routine, check out these fun, unique squat variations that require no equipment!

FIT TIP FROM FEBREZE IN-WASH: Want an added challenge? Grab a set of light dumbbells (1-3 lbs) and use them during every squat exercise. You can perform each exercise holding the dumbbells in front of you or you can add some presses or tricep extensions! You’ll turn each sweat into a compound move, meaning you’ll work multiple muscle groups at once! It’s a win, win for busy women who don’t have time to spend hours in the gym.

For Everyone Who Loathes Their Cellulite, This Workout Is For You

Cottage cheese should only be a reference for the actual food, because no woman should ever have to worry about her thighs looking like the dimpled, lumpy food. Unfortunately it happens — even to the most avid exercisers and dieters. In fact, 90 percent of women suffer this condition in industrial nations. So, let’s first look at the cause to understand the solution.

According to The Scientific American, cellulite occurs as women approach menopause and their estrogen levels decrease. This usually occurs around ages 25 to 35. As the estrogen decreases, so does your circulation. With less oxygen and nutrients, the collagen production levels decrease and the fat cells increase. When they begin to push through the thinning layer of collagen, they produce the bumpy look known as “cellulite.” However, as a society we have become more sedentary. Cellulite didn’t become a cultural issue, noted in publications, or research topic until the ’70s and ’80s.

Aerial Yoga: Your Cirque Du Soleil Workout!

Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, has become an increasingly popular way to destress and enjoy all the benefits of traditional yoga without many of the restrictions. 

Not only is aerial yoga fun, (are you telling me you wouldn't want to be wrapped up in a silk cocoon for an hour?) but it puts an elegant twist on an ancient practice. Like the performers in Cirque du Soleil, aerial yogis can enjoy effortless inversions and flows they may not otherwise have the pleasure of experiencing in the common vinyasa or ashtanga class.

How To Workouts Your Arms In Three Minutes Flat

“Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily…

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Use A Long Strap To Put Your Shoulders In Their Place

Typing, driving, cooking, gardening: almost everything we do encourages us to slide our shoulder blades up our backs and roll them forward. Over time, that can lead to stiff shoulders, sore upper backs and neck pain.

You can reverse this action, and move your shoulders back and down, with the help of one eight-foot yoga strap – or two shorter straps tied together.

First, take the strap behind your back, as close to your armpits as possible. It helps to bend forward and let gravity assist.

You want the strap to catch the bottom edge of your shoulder blades, or slightly higher. Hold one side of the strap in each hand and balance the length so there’s an equal amount on the right and left sides.
Now take each strap over its own shoulder, letting each end hang down your back. Adjust it so the strap across your back and the straps over your shoulders feel snug.

Mandala Yoga Massage Ball for Myofascial Release of Tension and Stiff Muscles

I received these massage balls in the mail and wanted to try them out. I am a perfect candidate for something that proclaims to help with pain because I am in constant pain in my muscles, joints and soft tissue.

They did not come with instructions, only linking me to their website, which also didn't have any instructions. Thanks to Google, I found some images and YouTube videos on how to use them.

6 Simple Moves To Ease Sciatica

Anyone who's ever suffered from sciatic nerve pain knows it's a real pain in the butt—literally. And If you're dealing with a sciatica flare up, these simple moves can help by targeting one of the most common causes: Piriformis Syndrome. "This happens when the piriformis, a small muscle deep in your hips, becomes tight and compresses the sciatic nerve, often leading to burning pain and numbness on one side of your butt and down the back of your leg," says Chicago-based physical therapist David Reavy. And it's not just the piriformis that needs a little TLC: Tight hip flexors compound the problem by making the piriformis muscles work harder, causing it to tighten and pinch the sciatic nerve. "That's why it's so important to stretch, stretch, stretch the hips—once you release the piriformis muscle, you take the pressure off the nerve, which can lessen the pain and keep it from coming back. Foam rolling the hip rotator can also help to release some of that tension and minimize pain."

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The Quickest "We Wear Short Shorts" Leg Workout

Your legs are truly lovely and take you everywhere you want to go, but if you sometimes scan them in the mirror and think of cottage cheese, here's a workout for you. Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout. Just press play and get ready to show your legs some love.

Looking for more quick workouts? Check out these fitness quickies:

The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

Reboot Your Backside With This Tush-Toning Workout

Blast Away Calories With This Full-Body Tabata Workout

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How to do a V-up

This exercise is great at blasting both your lower and upper abs for that total ab workout.

Read Full Article:  How to do a V-up

Booty-Shaping Workouts for Your Butt Type

Lots of women aren’t satisfied with their butt, but not everyone has the same complaint. That’s because booties come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got to hit up your backside with the right kind of move to get the results you want.

We asked top fitness pros for their best butt workouts to lift and tone six common butt shapes.

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Ever

As a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, people often ask me how to tone up their inner thighs. While certain leg-lift-style moves do target the inner thigh muscles, it is not possible to spot-reduce fat from your inner thighs--no matter how many leg-lifts you do! If you're exercising consistently and eating a healthy diet, your body will tend to lose fat all over, not just in one certain area. However, by following a well-rounded workout plan (that includes total body strength training, cardio and flexibility work) along with a healthy diet, you will gradually help reduce the amount of fat located in the inner thigh region as your total body fat percentage drops.

This video includes moves that work multiple muscles at once through large ranges of motion to help you burn more calories while you strengthen the inner thighs. Since these moves incorporate so many muscle groups, you'll burn more fat in less time! 

One more note: Don't forget that our bodies are designed to carry a little bit of fat in the inner thigh area, so please don't obsess over producing an "inner thigh gap"! Some bodies were genetically created with a natural thigh gap, but for most of us, strong thighs that may "touch" but help us squat, lunge, walk, skate and skip are healthy!

11 Exercises to Transform Your Flat Butt

Whether you inherited it from your mother or losing weight has left you with a flat and tiny tush, you secretly may be hoping for a fuller, shapelier bottom. It's time to step up your strength-training routine. Just like hiking and running hills, these 11 moves will build, sculpt, and lift your glutes in no time! And here are some beauty tips to help your toned tush look even smoother.

10 Best Home Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

The fitness bug has infected everyone – right from teenagers to middle aged people. Following a healthy lifestyle is good not just for your overall health, but for your appearance as well. Having a flat stomach is no longer sufficient as we all want a perfectly toned body. If you are someone who is aiming to look perfect, you’ll know how unsightly flabby arms can appear. And, if you’re serious about getting in shape, you’ll want your arms to look their best. Wondering how to get rid of flabby arms? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Flabby Arms (Jiggly Arms)

Flabby arms are usually the result of accumulation of excess fat, and result in loose, hanging skin in the upward portion of your arms. Your arms are jiggly and look thicker than they actually are. The triceps is the largest muscle located in the back of your arm, and since it makes up most of the rear of your arm, targeting it with isolation exercises is the best way to get rid of those embarrassing flabby arms.

There are plenty of women who have flabby arms and are looking for a solution.This occurs because women tend to store more fat on their arms as compared to men. Flabby arms are caused due to two main reasons. One, our skin tends to lose its elasticity as we age, which means it stretches and tends to sag. The other reason, as mentioned earlier, is excess fat located in the rear of your arm. This can affect your confidence and create a negative body image.

The 11 Best Bat Wing Banishing Arm Workouts

Arms feeling a bit flabby? Do they jiggle around while you’re waving hello or goodbye? Those are called Bat Wings and almost all women get them. With some focused arm workouts, we can tone, tighten, and beautify that flab.

5 Moves for Thinner Thighs

Many women covet that long leg look, but getting slim legs is easier in Photoshop than it is in real life. The key to this thinner thighs workout is 5 intense moves that engage your leg muscles and boost your heart rate to burn calories. The combination of fat burning and muscle toning is incredibly effective as a lower body workout, giving you real, visible results.

The thigh muscles are some of the largest in the human body. Moves that activate them tend to be great for cardio workouts. These moves will challenge your heart and stamina to help you get thinner thighs and improve your cardiovascular health.

What You’ll Need: a gym timer (Gymboss is a free to download app)

What to Do: Set your timer to 7 minutes. Cycle through these five moves as many times as you can before time is up. Rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat.

Beginner: 2 rounds
Intermediate: 3 rounds
Advanced: 4 rounds

Move up a level whenever your current routine is no longer a challenge. For best results, repeat the workout 2 to 3 times per week.

Below, you’ll find videos showing how to perform each of the moves. It’s important that you use proper form as this helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Workout Will Give You a Better Butt Than Squats + Deadlifts Combined

Have you ever seen a bikini model or the girls on the cover of Oxygen magazine?

Those girls have worked hard to look the way they do.

But their workouts are different than you’d think.

Hours of cardio? 


Lifting light pink dumbbells? 


Hundreds of reps of situps and crunches?

No, no, no. 

The answer is that they all lift heavy weights, and build muscle.

When you’re stronger and have more muscle, your body looks leaner, sleeker, and sexier…

…Instead of looking big, and bulky.

It doesn’t sound logical, but it’s the truth.

The big problem is that most girls do programs written for men.

They complete the program, but they end up bulking up and feeling masculine as opposed to sleek and sexy, considering some of the methods used & nutrition protocols involved.

12 Signs You Need More Magnesium In Your Diet

Magnesium deficiency is a condition that is often overlooked, yet it can be the cause or a contributing factor to several health problems. Take a look at this list to make sure you’re not experiencing signs of magnesium deficiency.

How To Make Turmeric Tea For Pain Relief

Turmeric and ginger are botanically related to each other and have both been used for centuries as spices in cooking and as medicinal herbs. These herbs are recommended for treating gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory conditions and several other conditions.

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are excellent for dealing with muscle and arthritic pain. Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory substances called gingerols. These have been tested in various research of rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Lemon Ginger Morning Detox With Turmeric


2-1/2 cups boiling water
1 organic lemon cut into slices (I like the taste of Meyer lemons best)
1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric
2 teaspoons honey (optional)


Bring the water to a boil.
Turm the heat off and add the lemon, ginger and turmeric.
Let steep for 30 minutes.
Strain and drink at room temperature or reheat (but don't bring to a boil).