Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Use A Long Strap To Put Your Shoulders In Their Place


Typing, driving, cooking, gardening: almost everything we do encourages us to slide our shoulder blades up our backs and roll them forward. Over time, that can lead to stiff shoulders, sore upper backs and neck pain.

You can reverse this action, and move your shoulders back and down, with the help of one eight-foot yoga strap – or two shorter straps tied together.

First, take the strap behind your back, as close to your armpits as possible. It helps to bend forward and let gravity assist.

You want the strap to catch the bottom edge of your shoulder blades, or slightly higher. Hold one side of the strap in each hand and balance the length so there’s an equal amount on the right and left sides.
Now take each strap over its own shoulder, letting each end hang down your back. Adjust it so the strap across your back and the straps over your shoulders feel snug.


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