Thursday, October 20, 2016

Faster 5K Training Plan: Earn Your Best Time


Our 5k training plan is designed to recondition your muscles with a unique off and on training method that helps promote growth and endurance. Challenge your body, push through every day, and within 5 weeks you’ll be ready for race day and aiming for the top runner’s board.

What to Do: Each week has 4 work days. Ideally, you should avoid running on consecutive days. Each run day requires you to run at either your normal full mileage distance or at a fraction of it. Total mileage varies from person to person. Once you’re aware of your total mileage figure out the ¼, ¾ and ½ distances to ensure you run the correct distance each day as required.

Each day has either a jog, walk, or run. Jogs are at your usual steady pace that allow you to go the distance. Your walks should be at a reasonable pace to keep your heart rate up. Runs should be at a faster pace than jogs. They are the most important part of the plan and will help decrease your jogging time. Runs are not full fledged sprints. But the speed will feel more challenging, while still allowing you to finish the required distance.


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