Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weight Loss Tips For Living Fit and Healthy


To be quite honest, I’m probably more like you than you think. I’m a wife and mother. I LOVE food. I make kid lunches. I bring kids to school. I work Monday-Friday and lucky enough to be doing something I absolutely love. I answer emails. I text message a lot, probably more than I should and sometimes even when I’m in the car (normally while parked at a red light). I browse social media. I pin. I LOVE food. I pick kids up from school. I drive a crossover. I’m the overly loud screaming proud mom at the high school football game. I cook dinner almost every night. I have a serious sweet tooth. I LOVE food. I enjoy trashy reality television. Real Housewives is a personal favorite of mine. I love my kids & my real life superhero husband. My life has been amazing and I didn’t think it could get better…. but last year… it did.
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